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Love & War is celebrating its release on Nov 10th! tickets at 


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Wonderland feat. Sheena Loza is now available for download!

This feat. Chris Paul Overall & Johnny Gomez is available worldwide!

THIS will be coming out in the month of July! Stay tuned for out release date!

2/16/16 It's here! The Official video for Look At Me Now!

2/9/16 New Look At Me Now lyric Video debuts!

2/3 Our teaser for the anticipated release of my first single Look At Me Now

2/3 This Is For You! A Free concert giving back to all the backers! Featuring a few tracks from Love & War. Come out and enjoy a night of great music!


12/21 Glam Bash 3 was the first time the Love & War tracks were played with a full band. Lots of great feedback from the crowd and the encouragement to keep doing shows! We decided to go full rock and it couldn't of been better! For a full set of music from Glam Bash click here or watch our promo video!

10/19 We have one more concert featuring the songs written for Love & War. December 20th at The Gaslamp in Long Beach CA. You may see some new faces representing the songs in a slightly different way. Come out and join us to support local original music!

10/16 We had a blast at The Auld Dubliner in Long Beach! SWTB was a success and a sold out crowd got to hear 9 songs written for the Love & War album. Little Serenity was the hit of the night singing Don't Stop Believin'.

10/23 Love & War's first public acoustic concert is happening on Nov 15th! Be the first to hear the songs written for the album. Pre sale tickets available by signing up through the newsletter above!

10/17 Drum week was a success! 7 Drummers in 3 days knocking out 9 rocking tunes! Here's just a snippet of what went down at Zion Studios!

10/10 We had so much fun playing our acoustic Love & War concert today! There's lots of exciting things going on soon and we can't wait to share it with you all as the album progresses! Check back here for all the news on Love & War!

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9/28 Finishing the last of the scratch tracks with JG!

We had a blast doing our first Love & War acoustic concert. Nothing, but a great response to these new songs that will be ready for pre production. 1 down 2 to go! These concerts are for those who purchase the acoustic concert reward during the Love $ War Kickstarter campaign.


Mike Hill Bass patches are now available online! They look great on backpacks and jean jackets. Get one today!

It's here! The official Mike Hill Bass / Love & War website is up. Take a look around and learn about this big project of mine. Check out my new merch store called Grunge Heart Co. and get yourself some new cool threads for the summer. All proceeds will go to the funding of Love and War! -M

Also check out Faultlines giving us a sneak peak of what's to expect on the new album!