Just playing Tony Levin's bad ass bass line in Sledgehammer.

John Paul Jones has been one of my bass heros since I started playing bass. The nature of his playing has made me think twice about bass playing and how to approach it from a compositional and melodic angle. I grabbed all of my favorite bass parts and fused them together in a medley that features the genius of his compositions. I wanted to do this little medley with one take straight through. No punch-ins or over dubs. I left the mistakes to keep the integrity of the perfomance and only added some EQ and Compression to the bass just to fill up the sound a bit. I took out the low end in the recordings and that's really it. You can still hear pieces of the original bass lines in the background. This is my ode to JPJ because I wouldn't be where I am without him. Oh and I goof around in the video just to make it more fun to watch. Oh yeah and don't forget to plug your headphones so you can hear the bass! Enjoy! I do not own any of this. No Copyright infringement